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Your Comprehensive Color Guide & Custom Color Palette Virtual Consultation

With Style Coach Erin Mathis

Experience a transformative virtual consultation with Style Coach Erin Mathis that will empower you to dress with confidence and purpose. In addition to your custom palette of 120-150 colors that complement your hair, skin, eyes and personality—you’ll discover your color patterns of contrast, neutrals, inherent, and power reds— along with how to create visual harmony in your outfits. During 2 zoom sessions (1.5 hours total), Erin will guide you through your perfect palette and a comprehensive personalized guide that you’ll keep and refer to.

This Consultation will empower you to save time and money when you shop because you’ll eliminate the uncertainty and confusion when you’re selecting which colors to wear.

Adorned with your best colors and the knowledge of how to use them for various psychological effects, you’ll be empowered to present the best version of yourself and feel amazing in your own skin. Take your style to new levels and help you make the impact you desire with the Comprehensive Color Guide & Custom Color Palette Virtual Consultation.

Check out everything you’ll get in this transformative consultation, below.


Hi! I’m Erin Mathis, your guide through this wonderful process of discovering the colors that bring you joy and make you look radiant.

In this consultation we’ll cover:

1.Your Color Basics

The essentials you need to know to create color harmony and show up with polished style. Start here!

  • Contrast Analysis

    Discover your contrast pattern and outfit color combinations that make YOU shine. This makes a big difference in creating outfits that enhance your face, rather then distract from it.

  • Inherent Color Analysis

    Identify your inherent colors and their purpose in your wardrobe. (Your eye, skin and hair colors)

  • Best Neutrals Analysis

    Learn exactly what your neutrals are so you don’t make the most common wardrobe mistakes


2. Your Power Red

Discover your power red hue and how to use it strategically in your outfits for impact


3.Your Style Archetype

Explore the qualities and colors that express your authentic style using The Favorites Effect exercise and guidance from your Style Coach.


4.Your Essential Custom Color Palette of approx 120 – 150 colors

Building on your color basics & style archetype foundation, together we’ll discover the colors that best support you and how to wear them for your desired effect or mood. We’ll identify your personality & mood colors, inherent/approachable colors, your best neutrals and accents.

5.Your Digital Color Palette

After an interactive exploration and virtual consultation, you’ll receive a PDF with your exquisite custom palette featuring approximately 54-67 of your expressive, neutrals, inherent, personality and accent colors.

You’ll get to keep this color palette right on your computer and/or on your smart phone to view and have access any time. Want to upgrade to get a physical color palette fan? That’s available too!

All of the above will be presented to you in a customized online presentation including your photos, your colors, and other examples showing you how to apply it— that you will get to keep as a digital PDF.


Upgrade to get your Fabric Color Palette

You can order the matching fabric color fan of your custom palette, shipped directly to your door so you can have it in hand. Fabric palettes are an additional purchase of $115 plus shipping.


Here’s how it works.

The essentials you need to know to create color harmony and show up with polished style. Start here!
Then we’ll meet to cover;

  1. Purchase the service
  2. Within 2 business days, look for an email with instructions for your next steps, including a link to your intake form.
  3. Follow the instructions provided to fill out the intake form with requested photos & images, then share it with us by email.
  4. We’ll contact you to schedule a 30 minute intake session to review together.
  5. Within 7-10 days following our intake session, we’ll contact you to schedule a 45 – 60 minute online session to present and review your Essential Color Palette. During this session you’ll have a chance to ask questions and give input to refine the final color palette.
  6. You’ll receive your final Essential Color Palette PDF to keep on your computer, phone and any digital device so that you can always refer to it when needed.
  7. We’ll provide the link to purchase the physical fabric color palette and have it shipped, in case you want to have that.

Many describe this consultation as life changing. Get ready for aha moments and color clarity!

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