Calling all the ladies who want to activate your secret weapon to attract the opportunities & connections you desire...

What if you could leave your insecurity and self-doubt in the past and show up in the next chapter of your life with a whole new level of confidence…all because you’ve finally connected with your own attractive, heart-centered style?


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A transformational 6-month style coaching experience designed to help you discover and embody your heart-centered style. So that you can magnetize the opportunities and relationships you desire.

You're a passionate, driven woman with so much to give

But when you look in the mirror, your reflection tells a different story

Erin reflective

The woman you see staring back at you doesn’t look like she’s ready to make her biggest impact yet (she looks like all she’s ready for is Netflix and Chardonnay). 

If getting dressed is a drag because nothing in your over-cluttered closet feels like you…

If the styling and makeup techniques you’ve used since the 90s leave you looking lackluster but you feel a bit lost on how to refresh and update them...

If getting dressed for special occasions stresses you out weeks in advance (so much so you actually enjoyed Lockdown Life)...

Here's what you need to know:

When your personal style is aligned with your purpose, your passion and the impact you want to make...

It creates a ripple effect that can transform your whole life

Forget about feeling unsure, insecure, ashamed of the body you have now or how you’ve changed since you were 22…

When you know your style – from head to toe – is aligned with the opportunities you want to attract…

You can live life full out, focused on doing whatever you love most.

You can go after whatever you want

You can communicate who you are

You can express the multi-faceted nature of your personality and show up in multiple roles, while always staying true to your authentic self.

But first, you need to figure out how to put yourself together with clothing & style to create that effect…

Maybe you used to have great style, the problem is…

Things have changed  (hello gravity!)
& y
our old tricks just don’t seem to work anymore

You know – in theory – your looks have the power to communicate who you are.

But somehow, something always gets lost in translation.

You’d love some help, but where can you find it?

  • Magazines only feature designers (and you’re not quite ready to splurge)…
  • StitchFix didn’t send you anything that felt like YOU…
  • And the style tips you swiped from that influencer made you feel like an outright fraud…

Not to mention…

You’ve just survived a pandemic by self-soothing in leggings and slippers.

So if the idea of stepping out stylishly clothed again is daunting?

That’s completely normal—and you are NOT alone.

If you just can’t seem to “make it work” and you’re starting to blame yourself, stop. right. there…

The problem is NOT with you: We’ve been conditioned to believe there are limits on who can look good

And these beliefs can make you accept false narratives like...

woman mirror

“It’s too late for me to look and feel attractive… I should just give up and be grateful for what I have”

“Whatever it is won’t work for me because I’m not young and beautiful” (I have to ask: According to who…?)

“I need to lose 20, 30 or 50 pounds before I do anything else” ← Truth is, you can be magnetic at any size!

“Only celebrities and CEOs get to work with personal stylists—the rest of us just have to figure things out on our own”

“I’m not worth the time or investment—I’ve got more important things to do than working on myself”

“It’s superficial to want to look good” (so you ignore that desire you feel to experiment with your personal style)

“Magnetic personal style is something you (that is, other people) are born with. If I don’t have it now, I won’t ever get it, so why even try?”

If these thoughts go through your head, it's not your fault!

They’re reinforced everywhere from TV to blogs to magazines (you probably even heard 1 or 2 – or all – of them from your mom)…

But believing in this kind of lie doesn’t serve you.

These thoughts will just keep you stuck in a cycle of feeling unattractive and insecure, day after day, after day—till, before you know it, you’ve been feeling that way for years.

The good news? You don’t have to tell yourself those stories any longer.

And you don’t have to figure out how to change things on your own.

Hi, I'm Erin Mathis

And I know what it's like to lose your sense of style

erin before copy

In my 40s I found myself burned out, depressed, and heavier than I’d ever been…

I’d put myself LAST on the list of priorities while juggling young kids, a busy career, and riding the peri-menopausal hormonal roller coaster.

Even though I was running an International Style Company, personally I felt like I’d lost my own sense of style...and pieces of myself along the way. 

I was not the version of myself that I wanted to be.

Faced with an upcoming photo shoot for our company rebrand & new website, I realized that if I wanted to be that better version of myself, I had to do something different.

Instead of waiting to lose the weight, I changed my mindset around my body: I decided to accept my body as it was and give myself a total makeover - extra curves and all.

By tapping into my true identity following our Style Archetype process, I was able to update my image in a way that aligned with my heart… including how I wanted to feel, and the opportunities I wanted to attract into my life.

I found my Million Dollar Look, and with it came a big SHIFT in my life.

My Million Dollar Look helped lift me out of my depression, breathed new life into my career...and I even had more energy for my kids. 

This new version of me found the strength to cut out excess drinking, eat healthier, and start exercising. Not long after that...the extra weight dropped off.

Embodying my new heart-centered style helped lift me out of a mid-life crisis and turn the page to a brighter new chapter.

The path I followed to create My Million Dollar Look was the same one I’d learned from my mentor, Industry Pioneer Carla Mathis—It’s a path thousands of women have taken over the past 40+ years. 

erin after gold box2
Red jacket stone wall

Our approach to personal style is based on understanding your true identity and reflecting that on the outside.


We believe that true transformation happens when you connect with your unique Style Archetype as a foundation for how you put yourself together with clothing, hair & makeup.

As co-founders of The Style Core, Carla and I have decades of experience helping women develop magnetic personal style by identifying their unique signature look.

We’ve seen countless transformations… and experienced them for ourselves

In her early 60’s, with so much more to offer, but dwindling career opportunities... A Million Dollar Look Makeover revived both Carla’s professional relevance and her confidence, reinforcing her status as an icon in the Image Consulting industry.

After my own midlife transformation, I realized with more certainty than ever that I wanted to help other women who felt stuck in the same rut—women committed to making a positive impact on the world & who knew they were destined for MORE.

Like me, these women are not content with feeling drab and uninspired with their image, they want to feel great—

To own their authentic style.

The kind of style that turns the page to a new chapter, renews confidence, and helps them magnetize the opportunities they desire...

Their Million Dollar Look.

How does it feel to own Your Million Dollar Look?

Tanya portrait square

Erin gave me all the tools I needed to create a million dollar look. 

I loved the group dynamic! Being able to see my own transformation, plus others on the journey was a great learning experience. We all get stuck in ruts and sometimes don’t even realize it. The process spoke to each person no matter what level they were at.


tracy square

It’s awakened a part of me that I put away

“I used to get a lot of positive attention around how I dressed and had a reputation for being very fashion forward. I'm not exactly sure why I stopped taking the time, but in recent years I felt like the outside didn’t reflect the real me anymore. 

I'm just really happy that I found you and the Style Core. I feel like it has opened me back up, so to speak... It’s awakened a part of me that I put away.


emily square

I began working with Erin to help me relearn how to dress based on my individual style

Over the years my style has taken several turns. Back in the day I wore baggy corduroy pants and vans. In college I started to really get into fashion and how it could make me feel put together. Then came the whirlwind of med school, maternity frocks, weight fluctuations, nursing bras, and scrubs all day—for years, I’ve been dressing for survival and comfort! Needless to say I lost my connection with my appearance. 

I began working with Erin to help me relearn how to dress based on my individual style. My closet was full of black, white, and grey, very little feminine touches or accessories. 

The Million Dollar Look program gave me the opportunity to EXPLORE my personal style archetype and bring my personality into full expression! I cannot thank Erin enough for continuing to support me through this process. If these words resonate with you then check her out!! 

Erin’s approach fosters your individual style and helps you live it to the fullest! 

Dr. Emily Hartmann

If you’re looking for lifelong results (instead of yet another surface-level solution), you need:

  • Space to ruminate on your dreams and desires so that you can tap into a unique style that lights you up
  • A path that walks you through the 7 steps of a total style transformation
  • Strategic guidance on HOW you’re going to apply the lessons you learn to your own personal style journey

And, because you’ll have so much more fun if you’re not transforming alone...

  • The support of a vibrant group of like-minded women who are on the same path of discovery as they create their Million Dollar Look

You need....

YOUR MDL Logo-on dark back

Transformational style coaching for women who want to stand out in the second half of life.

Your Million Dollar Look is a 6-month group coaching program that builds on your unique style identity to align the way you look with how you want to feel. So that you can magnetize the opportunities and relationships you desire.

After 10+ years of helping women transform their self-image by understanding their personal style and owning it, I designed this comprehensive program to provide the foundational style guidance & fun, supportive coaching you need to discover Your Million Dollar Look in a sustainable, authentic way.

Here's what's included....


✓ The 7 Foundational Steps to Style Transformation:

These video tutorials by Style Guide Erin Mathis will walk you through each of the 7 steps on the path to your Million Dollar Look.

Each module includes practical examples of the theory that’s introduced and easy-to-implement tips to help you apply the lesson to your life while incorporating your own unique flair.

✓ 8 Live Group Coaching Sessions with Style Guides Erin & Carla Mathis

On these live group coaching calls, Erin and Carla will demonstrate the practical application of each technique by reviewing the looks of the VIP participants, as curated by their Style Concierge. Do you learn best from live examples? These sessions will bring the tutorial’s lessons to life and help guide you to apply them personally.

Bring your questions to these live sessions and get feedback to develop and refine your unique style.

group coaching gold
MDL guidebook gold

✓ Your Fillable Million Dollar Look Guidebook

Your Million Dollar Look Guidebook gives you one safe place to record your takeaways, progress and photos over the course of your transformational style journey.

Delivered straight to your inbox with each new video training, this resource will prompt you to engage with the content, complete the step-by-step exercises and stay tuned into how the whole process makes you feel.

✓ A Private Community of Style-Seeking Women who are also stepping into their Million Dollar Looks—just like you.

Inside our private Facebook group community you’ll find connection, acceptance and support along your journey. While others may nod vaguely at the notion of “magnetic personal style”, this group understands and will cheer you on, 1000%.

Get stuck or need encouragement? Post your questions + pics for feedback from other group participants and your Style Guides.

FB - gold



2x “Polish My Look” Feedback Sessions with Erin and Carla ($400 value)

You’ll have the opportunity to submit 2 looks for personalized feedback from BOTH Lead Style Coaches Erin & Carla Mathis, based on the Million Dollar Look Checklist. 

It’s often the final tweaks that take your head-to-toe look from “OK” to “Ah-mazing”...and this Bonus will come at the perfect time, after you’ve learned the key elements of your Million Dollar help understand how to look at your look with a stylist’s eye so you can make those tweaks yourself.

When it’s time to assemble and photograph your Impact Outfits, you’ll email us 2 outfit selfies of your choice... then join us for a live group coaching session, where you’ll get personalized feedback for how to take your 2 looks to next-level chic.

You’ll walk away with practical steps whether it be refinements to hair & makeup, outfit proportion tips, fit, color adjustments and/or accessories to compliment the look. This bonus session is the perfect way for you to integrate & implement everything you’ve learned!

polish to perfection bonus image SP copy
checklist gold


Your Million Dollar Look Checklist

Getting dressed will never be the same—because you’ll have this cheatsheet in your (virtual) back pocket. Our Million Dollar Look Checklist can help you turn even the most boring, basic jeans & T-shirt look into an outfit that expresses your unique point of view. All in a handy, quick reference format you can refer to wherever you want.


The Ultimate Guide to Sultry Selfies

Because style so good deserves to be shared, this quick step-by-step training will teach you how to take GREAT full-length selfies. Use your new skills to help you assess new outfits as you go through the program AND wow your friends with the new looks you’ll be throwing together with ease thanks to the in-depth training and practical exercises inside Your Million Dollar Look.

sultry selfies-gold
best on screen-gold


5 Simple Steps to Looking Your Best On-Screen

Looking good on screen can feel like a whole other ball game—This easy-reference guidebook & checklist will help you make sure you look polished and fresh, whether you’re on a Zoom call with a colleague or about to go live on national TV.

This transformational program is about so much more than “looking good”

Discovering Your Million Dollar Look Will Help You:

Ditch the insecurity and doubts about your appearance that are holding you back from going after what you want

Stop wasting time and money on endless shopping quests that only make your closet more cluttered (Did you really need another shapeless black dress?)

Say goodbye to the the confusion of what to wear & how to style it when you understand the foundational pillars that make up your MIllion Dollar Look

Knock yourself out of a style rut and use that momentum to create big change in other areas of your life

Connect with other women in the same chapter of life who are looking to step up their style & embark on new adventures

Make a bigger impact in your career (or start pursuing new dreams) now that you have the confidence to put yourself out there and start being SEEN

Become a magnet for the opportunities, relationships and connections you desire—whether you’ve got your heart set on a big promotion or a new partner

Get ready for the day with ease and joy, and end up looking effortlessly chic

Experience the freedom that clear style vision brings to your daily life (you will save time AND money going forward)

Above all else, over the next 6 months, YOUR MILLION DOLLAR LOOK will help you build your self confidence so you can serve at the highest level by more fully embodying YOU.

Here's a peek at what's possible when you create Your Million Dollar Look

Tiffany photo

This program changed things for me.

“My biggest takeaway? Definitely the authentic style and knowing how to pull outfits together.  

Everytime I go out I get compliments. When we go out, I get so many compliments that he’ll say “oh my gosh, what’s going on? Did you hire these people to give you compliments? I’ll promise I don’t know them at all...but 

This program changed things for me. I feel more confident knowing what does and doesn’t work, what looks good and my authentic style.”



“This was the most engaging course I’ve done, and I loved it.”


CJ new copy

I am better able to quickly determine what colors, fabrics, designs will work well for me

“Having spent this time to understand the Million Dollar Look system, I am better able to quickly determine what colors, fabrics, designs will work well for me, saving both time and money. 

Thanks to Erin's heartfelt commitment to helping people feel better in their own skin and her skilled designer eye, [going through this program] felt like a safe, effective process. 

I highly recommend Your Million Dollar Look for anyone who knows something is "off" about their style or is feeling stuck, but who doesn't have the time or energy to figure out how to fix things on your own.”


What does this transformational journey look like?

Curious how this goes? Here are all the stepping stones on our proven 7-step path to create YOUR Million Dollar Look:

Module 1

#1: Your Authentic Identity & Style Archetype

We’ll start by digging deep into the styles that bring you the most joy. In this module, you’ll be guided through a time-tested method to discover your style core—a process that helps you bypass your head and access the heart of your authentic style.

Once you know what lights you up, we’ll start breaking down how you’re going to bring those elements into your style—and create a look that’s 100% unique & true to you.

As a result:

  • Shopping and selecting outfits becomes so much easier because you can trust your own visual instincts
  • You’ll understand the visual qualities that express YOU artfully & authentically
  • You’ll feel a sense of delight and joy from the center of your being—and see the effects of radiating that energy to everyone you meet
Module 2

#2: Your Color Palette

Color not only impacts how we feel and are perceived, it also has the power to nurture our souls. In this module, I’ll guide you through how to identify your natural color patterns and the colors that express different aspects of who you are.

Once you understand how to choose and coordinate colors in your wardrobe, you can strategically select your outfits based on the impact you want to make.

Thanks to what you learn:

  • You’ll have confidence choosing which color of shoes and purse to match with your outfits
  • You’ll assemble outfits in a way that relates with your natural color patterns so people see YOU and not the outfit.
  • You’ll be able to clear your closet of the colors that don’t excite or flatter you and make room for the ones that do
  • You’ll identify colors that satisfy your soul and start wearing them with more confidence 
  • You’ll know how to use colors as the cue to create your desired effect
Module 3

#3: Your Body Silhouette & Most Flattering Styles

Your Million Dollar Look is structured by your body silhouette and most flattering styles. Maybe you knew them at one point, but if your body has changed the best styles to suit you have probably shifted too.

So, in this module, you’ll learn how to assess the body you have now and choose the styles that give you balance and grace.

From this point on:

  • You’ll save time while shopping because you can strategically choose (and only try on) the items you know will work for you
  • You can confidently clear your closet of anything that doesn’t work for the body you have now (without worrying you might miss it “someday”)
  • Get ready to show up to special events with a swagger in your step—because when your clothes fit right, they can change the way you walk into a room.
Module 4

#4: Your Hair, Makeup & Grooming

Find out the biggest mistakes to avoid that add years to your age and/or work against the impression you want to make—and learn the hair, makeup and grooming techniques that can make you look younger, fresher, more relevant, and help truly shine when you show up.

Stuck in a rut? Get my checklist of new hairstyle ideas to consider that countless clients of mine have used to find something new that works (plus take years off their appearance)

This module will help you:

  • Move on from the makeup techniques you’ve been using since you were a teen
  • Accidentally making yourself look out of date with hairstyles or makeup looks past their expiration date
  • Get clear on things like the best eyebrow shape, blush placement, & lipstick color for you
Module 5

#5: Your Body Scale & Proportions

When you see a woman who looks “effortlessly chic”, that’s probably because she understands The Golden Mean—the principles you’ll learn inside this module to help you find the scale & proportions that work for you. It doesn’t matter what size you are, *every body* can look beautifully balanced with the right techniques.

The lessons inside this module give you everything you need to:

  • Go from looking frumpy, short and boring to polished, balanced and attractive
  • Balance and draw the eye away from wide hips or thighs
  • Accent your waistline or give the appearance of a smaller waist
Module 6

#6: Your Face Shape & Accessories

Accessories like a great necklace or earrings are one of the most fun ways to show off who you are! If you find it challenging to choose accessories you like – or you get easily overwhelmed and end up skipping them altogether— this module will give you the knowledge you need to choose the styles that work for you.

After this module:

  • You’ll understand your face shape and know how to select accessories that flatter you, opening up a whole new side of style you can explore
  • You can avoid the most common accessory mistakes (when you can’t put your finger on what’s wrong, it’s these that are often to blame!)
  • Get ready to have other people asking “What’s different? You look so you!” thanks to the little details that bring out your personal style
Module 7

#7: Your Impact Outfits: Create Your Million Dollar Look Book

Finally, this is where you’ll bring it all together! Using the Million Dollar Look Checklist with all you’ve learned, you’ll create your Million Dollar Look Book.

Say goodbye to the days of feeling overwhelmed as you stare into a cluttered closet to figure out what to wear! From now on, you’ll start your day with your new time-saving and oh-so-satisfying routine of casually browsing all the new looks you’ve assembled and photographed on your phone – with the expert coaching of your experienced style guides.

Once you pull it all together:

  • Your mornings will be streamlined as you sip a hot cup of coffee and browse through which look feels right today
  • Opportunities will start to appear as if from nowhere now that you’re sending clear signals about what you want from life
  • You’ll begin to embody the version of yourself who has everything she wants, and step into a new chapter with confidence and ease.

How does it feel to align your personal style with exactly how you want to feel?

I'll let a few of our past participants tell you in their own words:

tanya portrait 2

It gave me clarity about how I want to be perceived and how I want to show up

“Every woman should experience this program – whether you just want refinement or need a lot of style help. It gave me clarity about how I want to be perceived and how I want to show up.

I’m showing up more and people are noticing with lots of compliments.

I would recommend this program to ANYONE who wants to up-level their style game.”



People tell me that I look very stylish, that I look like a flower in bloom!

“The MDL program was transformative for me. Other courses I’ve done were like primary school—this course is like university.

People tell me that I look very stylish, that I look like a flower in bloom! Someone asked me if I lost weight… I said well, I actually put on a little weight but I know better how to dress.

This process was fascinating and helped me accept and love my body, and my face. From now on, choosing clothes and accessories will be a lot easier and more enjoyable.



Wow is about all I can say...

“I especially love the before and after comparison -- you took me from frumpy-rained-upon to sleek and even CHIC!!!!

Wow is about all I can say... I love my new look!!”


yolanda after2

Erin has such a gentle approach that lets you warm up and open up slowly

“More than anything I feel empowered and informed on how to present myself professionally in a way that communicates my personality while supporting my credibility as a serious business owner.

Erin has such a gentle approach that lets you warm up and open up slowly, making the process so safe and comfortable. This is huge for me, I don’t do overly enthusiastic or peppy-cutesy; this is a real woman looking to guide and support you.


Erin smiling gold box

Because you don't need any more shame, "shoulds" or style tips that only work for 20 year olds

This program is designed to help you find YOUR authentic style

Inside Your Million Dollar Look, you will:

Discover fun and tasteful ways to showcase your beautiful curves—your changing body’s been begging you to figure out these tips.

Find and define a coherent signature style that’s aligned with the energy you’re projecting and the impression you seek to convey.

Be taken seriously in any room. When you show up this confident, people can’t look away.

Understand the colors that make you glow and how you can use them to create exactly the impression you want to make.

Learn how to create outfits for any occasion that still look and feel great: First date? Formal wedding? Weekend away? When you start with your Style Archetype, you can show up effortlessly elegant, anytime you want.

Consistently create looks that convey your intended energy so that your style always feels fully aligned.

Figure out the fits that work best for your body type and so that you can stop playing it safe and start artfully expressing the core of who you are.

Get clear on how to shop strategically so that you can streamline your cluttered closet & style items into multiple outfits—you don’t necessarily need to buy MORE clothes, as long as you have the right clothes based on how you want to feel.

We're proud to be able to offer you

The Heart-Centered Style Guarantee

When you join us inside Your Million Dollar Look, we start by digging deep into the visual aesthetics that are most exciting to YOU—and then we translate those elements into a style that’s unique to you.

Our foundational teachings, based on your individual inspiration, allow us to confidently claim this program isn’t about conforming to cookie cutter looks.

Once you’ve started to get a sense of your unique style, I know you’ll feel excited about translating your specific tastes into a Million Dollar Look that’s 100% true to you.

That’s why I’m more than happy to offer you The Heart-Centered Guarantee:

If, by July 31st, you don’t feel inspired by the new ideas taking shape and excited for your next steps… simply send us an email to request a refund and we’ll happily oblige, no questions asked.

Let’s recap—

When you sign up for this transformational style coaching experience, you get:

  • 7 Modules of Video Tutorials that walk you through the 7 Steps on your Path to Style Transformation
  • 8 Live Group Coaching Sessions with your Style Guides Erin and Carla Mathis
  • Your Fillable Million Dollar Look Guidebook delivered straight to your inbox with each new training
  • The Private FB Community of Style-Seeking Women

Plus, these core bonuses:

  • BONUS: Your Million Dollar Look Checklist
  • BONUS: The Ultimate Guide to Sultry Selfies
  • BONUS: 5 Simple Steps to Looking Your Best On-Screen


    1:1 style support from a dedicated Personal Stylist using the Million Dollar Look methodology 
  • The POLISHED to PERFECTION BONUS for ALL MEMBERS: Send 2 looks for personalized feedback from BOTH Lead Style Coaches Erin & Carla Mathis during a style coaching breakout session

Your Million Dollar Look includes all of the tried-and-true techniques we’ve amassed in over 40+ years of combined experience helping women like you transform their personal style—at an incredibly affordable price. 

Thanks to the depth of that experience, our high-touch coaching programs start at $3,500. 

Hiring either Erin or Carla (let alone both!) would cost you $200 an HOUR.

Your Investment to join us inside

Just $697 today
Or 6 monthly payments of $127

Ready to claim a whole new level of confidence and magnetic energy all because you’ve finally connected with your attractive, heart-centered style?

"Yes, I want to create my Million Dollar Look"

The Cashflow Friendly Option

Just $127/month
for the next 6 months

The Instant Savings Option

One payment of
$697 today

The Program begins on July 15, 2021

All prices are USD. Read the program Terms & Conditions here.

If you're wondering, "How do I know this is right for me?"

Here's a quick way to know for sure:

You'll find the true expression of your authentic style inside Your Million Dollar Look if:

  • You’re becoming more and more conscious of who you are and what you want out of the second half of life. And you’re committed to developing a unique, authentic personal style that will attract opportunities and relationships aligned with the new YOU.

  • You’ve been doing a ton of internal work lately—and now you want your external self to match your mindset. This is the PERFECT time for you to create Your Million Dollar Look because you’re already tuned into what makes you who you are.

  • When it comes to personal style, your existing friends and family don’t really “get it”... Even so, YOU know this work will help you look and feel your best, so you’re excited to dig in and you love the fact you’ll have the chance to connect with other style-seeking women from all over the world.

  • You have ideas about your style, but you get stuck when it comes to putting it all together. So you’d love to get guidance on questions like,  “What styles are right for my body type? Which colors flatter my coloring? And what kinds of formal dresses won’t make me look like my mom?” ← I promise, we’ve heard it all before and we can give you the guidance you need to get unstuck & find your next steps.

  • You’ve got big plans for your next years and you know you can make a bigger impact when your image aligns with who you are and what you want to attract. (The world had better watch out for what you’ll be capable with a redefined personal style).

  • You want to create space in your closet and feel calm, clear and confident when you get dressed. So you’re ready to let go of the clutter in your closet and say goodbye to anything not in alignment with the next chapter

  • You’re starting a new chapter, whether it’s a new career, you’re newly single, or you’ve just realized you were sick of your old look. Because we focus on style that starts with you, you’re perfectly placed to dive in and discover your unique, authentic Million Dollar Look.

You won't find what you're looking for if:

  • You’re looking for someone to tell you exactly how to dress and what to wear. This is a process of exploration and discovery. I’ll lead you through with guidance and tips, but you’ll need to try things out & experiment to find what works for you.

  • You’re looking for a quick fix: this work takes time & an open mind. If you don’t put in the time, you won’t get the results that are possible.

  • You’re so focused on “perfection” that you don’t ever move into action. I can teach you the principles behind an outfit that makes your jaw drop, but you have to be willing to try things out in the real world, on your body, without getting thrown off course when you don’t turn into Gwyneth Paltrow overnight.

  • You expect to see overnight results. Yes, some of the tricks and techniques you’ll learn inside Your Million Dollar Look will make a HUGE difference, fast. But the true transformation in your personal style will become noticeable over time. So if you’re not willing to stay the course and take small steps every day, this isn’t the program for you.

These women believed in a better version of themselves… And brought her to life inside Your Million Dollar Look


Shopping is different. Getting dressed is different. The way people look at me is different

“I can’t believe what a difference this made. SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS EXPERIENCE! 😁❤️🙋🏼‍♀️😉

 It was fun, and I’m more excited to keep making new outfits and learning as I go. Before, I wasn’t completely sure what I was getting into, but I could hear and see moments of “that’s me” and “I wonder what I’d look like in that process” in what you described.  

Ultimately, though, it was my decision: Try something different and see what happens, or keep muddling along, doing what I’d always done.  

I’m so glad I just went for it.  Shopping is different. Getting dressed is different. The way people look at me is different. I feel great and more confident. Your Million Dollar Look is something I’ll truly get value from for many years to come, and that is an investment worth making!


Emily 2

This experience has been so eye opening!

Erin helped me get rid of things that were weighing me down.” 


Kristine pink

People really do watch and are more attracted to me now. 

“I had such a wonderful time with the entire process and loved the results and you! 

As a business owner this was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my myself.  

People really do watch and are more attracted to me now. I’ve had a lot of compliments about my new look and quite a few people said - ‘I think I need that as well..” 


Got questions you need answered before we create Your Million Dollar Look?

You get to pick the support you desire and the time you want to commit. Want to feel fully supported for one of the training modules? Watch the training (1-hour), apply the exercises (1-4’s up to you) and show up to the live coaching session (or watch the 1-hour recording shortly after). 

The combination of coaching, guidance and practical steps to implement will equip you with all the tools you need to take action.

Have a busy month or need to take some time off? Check the monthly schedule and decide which modules and exercises will best support you.

NO! While I know how easy it is to think this way, this mindset will keep you stuck.

I re-invented my style after a midlife crisis while still carrying extra weight I didn’t love.

But guess what?

The increased confidence I felt after renewing my personal style helped me find the motivation to take better care of my body—and then I dropped the weight.

Inside Your Million Dollar Look, you’ll learn a ton about how to communicate your personal style regardless of your current size.

Absolutely. I completely understand—style isn’t your whole life. You want to feel good getting dressed to go out and carry on with your life, not make getting dressed your whole day.

You don’t need to be obsessed with fashion to get results with Your Million Dollar Look.

Watch the videos, put the exercises into practice as you’re able, come to the sessions you can make and catch up on the rest as needed. The video trainings and live coaching session recordings will be available in your course portal until March 2022 (with an ongoing subscription option for continued access as needed).

The only non-negotiable commitment is the one you make to yourself to show up and implement what you learn.

You get to decide what budget works for you.

As you get clarity on Your Million Dollar Look, you can start by shopping your own closet and finding outfit combinations you never even thought of.

Once you’ve gotten clarity on the pieces you’re missing to create the looks you need, you can shop consignment, thrift or brand new.

Because you’ll know what colors, styles and silhouettes to look for, shopping will feel easier and more fun, whether you’re browsing Tom Ford or Target.

The trainings & examples inside Your Million Dollar Look will focus on women’s bodies, fashions and clothing styles—that said, the the principles we teach apply to anyone.

You do not have to identify as a woman to enroll.

This is the perfect program for you because you’ll get a foundation for building authentic, attractive style for your personality, goals and body.

Your Million Dollar Look will help you let go of clothes that don’t align with who you want to be in the future and give you clear guidelines for how to replace them going forward.

Not to mention, once you’re clear on your Style Archetype, you may be surprised to find pieces in your wardrobe that speak to you differently once you’ve decluttered the rest.

After you've gone through the 7 steps to learn the elements of your million dollar look, you will have the chance to get personal feedback from Erin and Carla on 2 head-to-toe looks during the Polished to Perfection Bonus sessions.

While the first 12 members who enrolled & claimed the “Celebrity Status Bonus” will get personalized feedback from Erin and Carla during live group coaching sessions —you'll still be able to observe and take away practical application techniques from these sessions.

Past members have commented how much they learned from watching others get feedback in this way – helping to bring each lesson to life and apply it.

You'll also have a chance to connect, share, post questions and get feedback in the Private facebook group; from a supportive community of women on this journey and your style guides.

So while neither Erin nor Carla will be personally shopping for you, you’ll still benefit greatly from our years of experience, guidance and expertise.

The first 12 women to sign up for Your Million Dollar Look receive an email offer for the VIP Style Concierge package, and have a 48-hour window to claim the bonus or pass it on to another participant.


Why would you wanna pass? Those who accept the VIP Style Concierge Package must be comfortable being in the hot seat and having their photos and application exercises (as completed with help from your Personal Style Concierge) reviewed by Erin and Carla during the group coaching sessions.

Whereas the other participants in this program will take the learnings from each session and implement on their own, participants who receive the free VIP upgrade will work with a Style Concierge who’ll do the implementation work for you—and receive additional feedback on that stylists work from lead style coaches, Erin and Carla.

You’ll need to have or set up a gmail / google account (free) so you can access and share the fillable Million Dollar Look Guidebook with your Personal Style Concierge.

If you’re a shy, introverted or highly private person, please free to pass on this bonus and just go through the program with the privacy you desire.

You’ll have lifetime access to your fillable Million Dollar Look guidebook, which you’ll fill in as you go with all the discoveries and examples that make your Million Dollar Look unique.

You’ll have access to the video trainings and live coaching session recordings in your course portal until March 2022. This time limit will help give you an incentive to do the work during the program, so you don’t put off getting started or keep telling yourself “...just not today”.

After March 2022, you’ll have the option to upgrade to a monthly subscription for continued access to the Million Dollar Look trainings & recorded materials.

Within 1 day of enrolling you’ll receive a welcome email including an invite to the private members-only Facebook group so you can start connecting with the other women on this journey.

There, you’ll also find a welcome video giving you the first steps you can take to prepare.

The 7-step training program will begin on Thursday, July 15th, when you’ll receive an email with access to your online portal with course materials.

Each training module will take place in a 3-week cycle over a 6-month period, from July–December 2021.

Here’s what to expect in each 3-week cycle, starting July 15th:

  • Week 1: Video lesson + exercises to apply it to yourself
  • Week 2: Implementation week —Time to do the exercises, explore and record what you discover in your Million Dollar Look Guidebook
  • Week 3: Live coaching session (Wednesdays at 1pm PST) with Lead coaches Erin and Carla

For each cycle, the tutorial videos will be released + live coaching sessions will take place on Wednesdays.

All of the live coaching sessions will take place at 1:00 pm on Wednesday afternoons (Pacific Standard Time).

You’ll want to mark your calendars for the following dates:

  • July 28,
  • Aug 18,
  • Sep 8 & 29,
  • Oct 20,
  • Nov 10,
  • Dec 1 & 15

The Polish Your Look & Make an Impression sessions will be held from December 1-14 so you can create outfits using all the pillars you learned through the program. You’ll have a chance to choose from a selection of times for your breakout session & reviews.

And remember, no matter what, if you can’t make it live, you can access the recordings anytime you like.

All you need is a computer or smartpad and internet access. It will also benefit you to have or set up a Gmail / Google account (both are free) so you can access the fillable Million Dollar Look Guidebook.

Your Guidebook can also be downloaded as a MS Word doc if you prefer.

The live coaching sessions will take place on GoToWebinar – the same platform you attended the Million Dollar Look Masterclass on. You’ll receive a link to join via email before each session.

I know you can, without a doubt. You are capable of so much more than you realize!

Even if you’ve never done this before...
Even if you’ve tried & failed before...
Even if taking this leap is terrifying...

I’ve seen many women transformed by going through this process, and I’m confident that you can get amazing results when you invest the time.

Of course!

When you sign up for this transformational style coaching experience, you get: 

  • 7 Modules of Video Tutorials that walk you through the 7 Steps on your Path to Style Transformation
  • 8 Live Group Coaching Calls with your Style Guides Erin and Carla Mathis
  • Your Fillable Million Dollar Look Guidebook delivered straight to your inbox with each new training
  • The Private FB Community of Style-Seeking Women

Plus, these core bonuses:

  • BONUS: Your Million Dollar Look Checklist
  • BONUS: The Ultimate Guide to Sultry Selfies
  • BONUS: 5 Simple Steps to Looking Your Best On-Screen

Ready to claim a whole new level of confidence and magnetic energy all because you’ve finally connected with your attractive, heart-centered style?

"Yes, I want to create my Million Dollar Look"

The Cashflow Friendly Option

Just $127/month
for the next 6 months

The Instant Savings Option

One payment of
$697 today

All prices are USD. Read the program Terms & Conditions here.

The Heart-Centered Style Guarantee

Remember – we’re committed to your success but you can try it risk-free until July 31. If, by July 31, you don’t feel inspired by new ideas taking shape and excited for the next steps...simply email to request a refund and we’ll oblige, no questions asked.

Erin cup gold box

Finding Your Million Dollar Look is the perfect way to turn the page on a new chapter in your life

  • Before this transformational coaching experience

  • Every single morning, you spend way too long figuring out what to wear OR you fall back on your old faithful Lululemons and tell yourself tomorrow you’ll try again

  • When you see your “put together” friend – you know, the one who’s so effortlessly chic - you feel a pang of jealousy that she can make it look so easy.

  • There are parts of your body you don’t love, so you hide them behind oversized, shapeless clothes, mostly because you just don’t know what else to do.

  • The mountains of stuff in your closet are nice, but when it comes to putting together more than one fresh, cohesive outfit you get stuck. You need help filling in the gaps in your wardrobe and deciding what to ditch.

  • You’ve been holding yourself back. Hiding in the shadows. Harboring doubts about whether you’re too old / too overweight / too out of date to go after what you want.

  • After you've zeroed in on Your Million Dollar Look

  • You never thought you’d say it, but getting dressed is actually fun! You love swiping through your Million Dollar LookBook and your closet is a PLEASURE to browse.

  • The style secrets behind that “effortless chic” are clear to you now—it feels like you’ve cracked a code–and now friends are asking you, “What’s your secret?”

  • You finally understand the secret stylist techniques that can hide your problem areas and highlight your favorite features. Goodbye shift dress & hello belted blouse!

  • From your accessories to your makeup to your hair and top-to-toe look, you now have a deliberate, heart-centered Million Dollar Look that’s aligned with who you are and what you want out of life.

  • You are ready to show up and be seen! Finally, you have the confidence to put yourself out there, take big chances and speak your mind. Finally, you’ve found Your Million Dollar Look.

“I feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt before”

- Sarah

This transformation is about so much more than better style


If you’ve made it this far, but you’re still on the fence, let me be straight with you here—

It’s impossible to underestimate the impact this transformation can have on different aspects of your life: 

The confidence you’ll gain will radiate through you & change how you show up every day. 

It will alter how others perceive you.

It’ll draw eyes towards you as you walk into the room and keep their attention fixed when you open your mouth to speak. 

Your Million Dollar Look will help people see you as the magnetic, alluring force of nature that you are

But if you’re still not sure, here’s my advice—

Ask yourself these two questions:

What do I want out of life?
Will my current wardrobe get me there?

If your answer is anything less than a confident “Hell yes!”, the solution is right in front of you...

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