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How to Take 10 years off Your Appearance in Midlife and Beyond

By Erin Mathis / Jan 25, 2022

I recently heard the sad news about the beloved actress Betty White, who died just before her 100th birthday.

Betty was one of the stars in “Golden Girls,” a popular TV show in the 80’s based on the lives & interactions of four mature women who had all been divorced or widowed, and became roommates.

As people reminisced about Betty's life and revisited the show, an interesting discussion about women and aging started on social media.

Fans begin to notice and point out that the stars of The Golden Girls were the *same age* as the leading ladies of the Sex and the City reboot; And Just Like That.

Between ages 47 and 55 (except for the older woman in the middle).


IF they are all about the same age, WHY do the women of “And Just Like That” look at least 10 years Younger than The Golden Girls??


That’s right. Hair, makeup & wardrobe makes all the difference.

The Golden girls came from a generation where, once women hit 40, it was more common to adopt a short, no-nonsense hairstyle and figure-concealing clothing like boxy blazers and granny cardigans.

Today, the style trends of women in midlife & beyond look very different than they did 30 years ago.

One of the biggest differences—as in this example—is longer, flowing hairstyles and more curve-hugging clothing. Many 40+ women are using style techniques to appear more youthful and feminine.

How about you?…If you were to be cast in one of these TV shows based purely on your style, which one would it be?

Personally as a woman in midlife, I find the style of the leading ladies on “And Just Like That” to be much more enjoyable!

At 50, I still want to look attractive, feminine, vibrant and yes—even do many other women I hear from who are around the same age.

I often say,

“Dress for the role you want to play in the next chapter of your life.”

You get to decide what that looks like, but you may need some help creating that style.

Do you want to look chic and put-together?

Would you like to re-invent your look to present a more relevant, attractive and vibrant version of yourself?

The path to make that happen is more accessible than you might realize.

A great place to start is with our free masterclass; Your Million Dollar Look.

(If you already watched, it might be time for a refresher)

In this video I show you my own midlife crisis to transformation story, plus my mentor Carla's dramatic makeover from looking pleasant but unremarkable to International Style Icon.

And she makes a special appearance to talk about it!

I'll also show you how to tune back into the TRUE YOU if you feel you've lost your style (because the truth is... midlife is where you can make your biggest impact, if you’re clear on 3 things)

If any of this is resonating with you, here's a link to watch the masterclass.

I know it’s way too easy to put it off and put yourself LAST on the list, but friend, you’re worth being #1.

Set aside some time in your calendar to invest in feeling attractive, vibrant and confident.


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