5 Signs That You Need A Personal Stylist

5 signs you need to work with a Personal Stylist

By Erin Mathis / April 13, 2023

Working with a personal stylist is only a luxury for the rich and famous.



Actually, it's a necessity for you IF...

72.png You want to be strategic with your image to position yourself for success - but don’t possess the skills to do that yourself

72_1.png You don’t want to waste money on clothes you don’t end up wearing

72_1.png You want to be efficient with your time when it comes to shopping and getting ready on a daily basis

It is often more expensive not to work with a personal stylist when you’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on clothing that’s just hanging unworn in your closet, because you don’t love it, don’t feel good in it and therefore don’t wear it. 72_2.png

(If you add up the value of all the rarely or never worn clothing in your closet, you might be shocked at the figure! 72_3.png)

The bottom line? Getting expert help with your style is a smart investment.

Especially if you want to feel better about how you show up in the world, and do so in a way that attracts more of the connections and relationships you desire.

72_4.png Here are 5 signs that you need to work with a Personal Stylist 72_4.png

1...You feel like you have nothing to wear.

2... When you put outfits together, you know somethings missing, or is not quite right—but are not sure how to fix it.

3...You’ve realized you’re wearing the same clothes over & over.

4...You’re not clear on the best colors for you and as a result tend to stick to the same limited palette, blacks or neutrals.

5...Choosing what to wear brings you frustration on a regular basis.

If at least 2 of those signs apply to you, it’s time to take action. 

Sure, you can always try asking Google or reading style blogs…but you’ll still be on your own trying to determine what works for YOUR unique body type, style signature and lifestyle.

Having personalized, strategic input will be much more effective and fast—ultimately saving you time and money.

Here’s a menu for your options to work with a Personal Stylist—either virtually from any location or onsite—with price points ranging from $29 to $2k+

72_5.png Click here to see Virtual Style Coaching & Consultations (From any location)

Note: If you want to build your own styling skills that will last a lifetime, Your Million Dollar Look Style Coaching Program will teach you each step along the path to discover & embody your authentic style so that you can attract the opportunities and relationships you desire. This includes live coaching every month for personal guidance and is very affordable.

72_5.png Click here to see in-person consultations

Note: Coming again this May, Transformation Weekend is your chance to experience rapid results working with a team of three Personal Stylists over 3-4 weeks, culminating in a VIP Weekend in Sacramento, California where we’ll be wardrobe shopping, styling and photographing you along with a few other women. You’ll get fantastic photos with your newly up-leveled look. But keep in mind there are only a few spots and these may go quickly. You can learn more & book your spot at this page.

If you see yourself in the 5 signs that it’s time to work with a personal stylist, and are ready to take action for results—the good news is it’s not just for the rich and famous. 72_6.png ...and there are lot’s of options to get started right now.

Feel free to reply with any questions or book a call if you'd like to discuss the best path forward for you.

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