Alda-before and after

Witness the Incredible Transformation of Alda!

By Erin Mathis / April 10, 2023

I wanted to share with you a truly remarkable transformation story, complete with pictures.

Alda, a determined and inspiring woman, joined our online style program Your Million Dollar Look and took her journey to the next level by attending our recent Transformation Weekend in Los Angeles.

She had a vision to up-level her look as she prepared to launch her new business as a women's health coach. Carla and I were honored to be her guides throughout this process.

Before we met in person, Alda had a clarifying Identity Therapy consultation and online coaching sessions to optimize her existing wardrobe. I also provided hair color and style suggestions to have her Stylist implement.

When we met for Transformation Weekend, we shopped, put together gorgeous outfits, refined hair and makeup techniques, and captured it all in a photoshoot.

The results are truly remarkable as you can see! I'm confident her new look will significantly impact her business and life.

"This has been a game-changer for me! The Million Dollar Look program set me on a journey to rediscover my style and bring it to its full potential.

The Transformation Weekend with Erin was a wonderful experience- I cherished every moment of shopping and having my photoshoot.

Recently, I attended a professional conference and delivered a presentation with confidence, thanks to my updated professional look."


Alda looks absolutely stunning. Her newly refined and polished appearance adds to her credibility and enhances the trust she inspires as a health professional.

The transformation goes beyond the physical, as Alda now radiates a newfound confidence and self-assurance that is bound to bring about even more opportunities and success in her career.

Her beautiful and impactful new photos, ready to be showcased on her social media and website, will only add to her credibility and appeal.

I am incredibly proud of Alda for taking this significant step towards enhancing her personal style and boosting her confidence!

I wanted to share Alda's story with you because I believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful and we are here to help make that happen.

If you're ready to up-level your personal style and boost your confidence, I encourage you to check out our online style program: Your Million Dollar Look and consider attending one of our upcoming Transformation Weekends.

"I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their style and gain a new level of self-assurance."


Together, we can help you unleash your inner radiance and bring your personal style vision to life, ultimately leading to even greater success in your goals.


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