5 Steps to Audit Your Closet

By Erin Mathis / Sep 23, 2022
How are you and your closet doing right now?

Are you getting along well…feeling friendly and excited to meet each day? (Your closet is organized, functional and full of great outfits you enjoy wearing) 

Or … Do you dread facing your closet, feeling stifled or overwhelmed when you approach? (It’s gotten really cluttered and you only wear a fraction of the garments packed inside)

The changing season is a great time to clear clutter from your wardrobe, and there’s nothing like an organized closet to help you start your day right.

Here are the 5 Essential Steps to audit your closet and clear out space!

(Bonus tip: Take a “BEFORE” picture of your closet, especially if that will help you stay motivated to get to the “AFTER” pic when you’ve completed & organized it!)

1. Go through and rate each garment, trying on as needed, then put each into 1 of 4 categories:
    If you love it and it fits, this is a no brainer.
    If it doesn’t fit but can be altered, have it tailored.
    -You don’t like it 
    -It’s tired, stained, worn out or out of style 
    -It doesn’t fit & can’t be altered* 
    *Saving it for if/when you lose weight? Store it somewhere else.
    Plan to get a trusted opinion for help deciding if it’s “a keeper” with possibility… or not.

2. Now, move out the garments for donation, alterations, or those you won’t need for the coming season.

3. Organize what remains into sections by garment type (pants, jackets, etc) and like colors together.

4. Once you’ve done this, give yourself a huge pat on the back and enjoy the high you’ll feel now that you are organized and have some extra space!!

5. Next, shop your closet to see what outfits you’re left with.

Now that you’ve cleared & organized, you may find you don’t have enough looks to wear for certain activities—like professional, casual or dating, for example. Need some help with style decisions and creating looks you love? 

Here are resources for you:

  • Participate in our 1x monthly style coaching session, next happening Sep 20th at 1pm PST. You’ll get constructive feedback to decide which garments to keep, and how to complete looks so you feel fabulous. Save your seat for the coaching session here.
  • Get guidance through the 7 foundational steps to create Your Million Dollar Look inside our online style coaching program. Get started right here.
  • Attend Transformation Weekend with me in Los Angeles next month for shopping, outfit creation, hair & makeup all captured in gorgeous photos. Find details and book your space here.
Now that you know the step-by-step process, you can audit your closet with more ease—and as a result—feel better every single day when you’re deciding what to wear. Let me know if you get inspired to take action in your closet—and how it feels to get organized!

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