How To Wear Coastal Grandmother Style

By Erin Mathis / June 15, 2022

The #CoastalGrandmother look is trending, but do you know what it is?

Coastal Grandmother is a style aesthetic based on the clean & classic style of middle-aged, wealthier women living in luxurious oceanfront properties, similar to that of Diane Keaton in the Nancy Meyers movie, or Something's Gotta Give.

Here are 3 tips to rock this Elevated Chic look:


Embodying the Coastal Grandmother look starts with coastal colors… Sand, khaki, baby blues, turquoises, or soft denims; whites & creams that you’d see in the clouds. You’ll pull garments from the spring & summer side of your closet when getting inspired for outfits.


Make sure your garments are perfectly tailored to your body. Poor fitting garments are the first tip-off that it’s not authentic Coastal Grandmother. This look is all about the luxury lifestyle, and ladies of leisure most definitely use a tailor to perfect the fit.


The luxury look is in the details. Flowing linens and breathable cotton, crisp denims or linens—the fabric needs to be refined. No pilled knits, cheap polyester, ripped, or wrinkled garments. Luxury brands usually exemplify the quality required by an OG Coastal Grandmother, but you can still find affordable options with enough refinement to convey this look.

Are you on board with this trend?


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