Using Color to change your mood & energy

By Erin Mathis / April 15, 2022

You wake up feeling blah and uninspired…

But you want…heck, you NEED to summon energy to slay the day ahead

  • To tackle projects with creativity
  • To bring charisma to your personal interactions
  • To ENJOY the day!

How do you make that shift and step into a more activated energy?

Besides caffeine of course ☕️

  • Take a shower
  • Exercise or listen to some music and dance, something to move your body…
  • Speak affirmations, gratitude
  • Spiritual practices like prayer, praise, mediations
  • Do your hair & makeup…

And…here’s one you might not have considered, that will shift your mood and even impact the people you encounter.


When it’s time to get dressed, choose a bright or bold color that resonates with how you WANT to feel.

Then, as you put it on, consciously step into the energy of that color.

> Fresh, vibrant and healing GREEN.
> Energetic, powerful, exiting, romantic RED
> Confident, social, brave ORANGE or CORAL
> Sweet, feminine, compassionate PINK
> Luxurious, ambitious, spiritual PURPLE
> Creative, cheerful, warm YELLOW
> Bold, crisp, electric BLUE

Don’t just wear it—Own it, unapologetically. Then watch what happens. Observe how it makes you feel, and how others respond to you.

You’ll probably even get compliments. It really works!

Want to know which colors flatter your skin tone…help you look vibrant and youthful, and are harmonious with your personality?

We’ve got you covered.

Whether you get an online color palette consultation, or join a monthly online style clarity session, you’ll get the answers you need to wear your energetic colors with confidence.

Then you can use the power of those colors to shift your mood AND energy.

One more way to slay the day! 💪✨

Do you ever use color to shift your energy? Which ones are your go-to’s?

Remember, we're here to help you get color clarity and answer any of your style questions at our monthly online Style Clarity session.

Even if you can't join live, you can still book a spot, send pics and get feedback… We’ll send you the recording to review afterwards at your convenience. 

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